Rule Book for Balakrishna Director’s

Nandamuri Balakrishna…the name is sufficient for many cine buffs to stand up and scream with excitement when he is onscreen. Though there are those who criticize and ridicule him during other instances it must be said that in Tollywood, he is one of those rare actors who can deliver a high adrenaline performance. Now, there is something any director wanting to work with Balayya should know.

Firstly, Balayya’s character should always have powerful punch packed dialogues.

Secondly, there must be some highly aggressive fight sequences and then they should focus on his character which should show power and royalty.

Any other character apart from this is sure to bring the graph down and give a flop to Balayya movie. We have seen that happening with ‘Mitrudu’ and the same happened with ‘Adhinayakudu’. Before Balayya thinks of jumping into active politics, maybe the directors should follow these tips and work on them.