Rudhramadevi to face jolt in Telangana

rudhramadevi-posterDirector Gunahsekar’s period film Rudhramadevi , based of Kakatiya dynasty of Warangal in Telangana , to face major jolt on its very second day of release in Telangana.

The makers breathed a sigh of relief with the Entertainment Tax exemption decision taken by the Telangana government . However this happiness didn’t last long as the opposition parties have called for Telangana bandh on October 10th protesting against the state government’s attitude towards farmers.

With the bandh call , the theatres will be the first to remain closed and the the film which was supposed to rake some fantastic collections , would lose it because of Bandh.

Just when everyone thought that film’s collections will create new records the dent has come in form of Bandh. However, there is a chance of running evening and night shows on the Bandh day.