Rude shock to Sharmila and Naidu

YSRC’s  brand ambassador Sharmila who started her Padayatrra today and TDP supremo ChandraBabu who started his Padayatra 17 days ago , both of them  got a rude shock today from Telangana Joint Action committee Chairman Prof. Kodandaman

Kodandaman gave an ultimatum to both the parties stating that, They should declare a clear stand on Telangana before they enter into Telangana with their Padayatras . If not they would be stopped by Telangana people . This was decided by TJAC governing committee meeting held in Hyderabad today.

Its time for YSRC to come with its stand on Telangana as Babu has already declared his party’s stand on this issue earlier by writing a letter to Prime Minister sating their favourable stand.