Rs 50 cr transactions found in Bhanu’s a/c

Crime Investigation Department sleuths have identified that Rs 50 crore transactions were done in the accounts of gangster Bhanu Kiran and the deposits are made by the people whose lands are settled by the gang. Bhanu Kiran confessed to cops that his life had turned miserable after the killing of Suri as he has to run away from the state. “I was moving in a Skoda car, drinking Blue Label liquor, visiting pubs and star hotels. I killed Suri otherwise he would eliminate me. After the murder I had lead most miserable life with only Rs 4.7 lakh for the past 14 months. I spent on pavements sometimes,” he said. Attempts made by CID to catch him in Puducherry lodge turned futile as he escaped a day before. Bhanu was caught when contacted a owner of a shopping mall for money.