Rs 2 cr carrot swayed Santhosh ?

Everyone knows that producer Bellamkonda Suresh was condemned for allegedly manhandling young director Santhosh Srinivas. The director has also filed a complaint with the Andhra Pradesh Film Directors’ Association and the Directors Guild has promised to extract an apology from the producer. But only a few are aware of the fact that Santhosh had signed an agreement with Bellamkonda to do another film after Kandireega for Rs 25 lakh, a source in the Directors Guild said.

“After Kandireega’s success, a top producer made Santhosh an offer worth Rs 2 crore. The director straight away went to meet Bellamkonda with his relative and director Vinayak in tow. He wanted a hike in remuneration and Bellamkonda agreed to pay him Rs 75 lakh. But Santhosh was still unhappy. He didn’t work on the script of Kandireega 2 properly and the second half looked like a rehash of the first part, except for the US backdrop. So the differences remained between the two,” said the source. Now, unless Bellamkonda relieves Santhosh from the contractual obligations, the young director will be forced to complete the film.