Romeo Lakshminarayana – The Lie YSRCP Spun To Procure Call Lists

With the police now trying to find out how CBI Joint Director Lakshminarayana’s call list was procured by the YSR Congress Party, many absurd lies spun by the party and Sakshi representatives to cook up their imagined “Great Conspiracy” against Jagan are coming to light.

The Romeo JD Story

We’ve learnt that an industrialist accused in the Emmar case tied up with a private detective in Nagpur for this task. The detective then approached Naded SP  (Lakshminarayana was originally posted in Maharashtra) with the request that “a rich housewife is being harassed anonymously from this number so please provide us the call list so we can follow up “. The SP believed this story and forwarded the request to the service provider saying the information was required for an eve-teasing case. This information was subsquently forwarded YSRC by the industrialist. However Lakshminarayana subsequently changed his number and the YSRC this time cooked up an even more absurd story to take their “investigation” further.

The Bandit Chandrabala Story

Having identified calls to Lakshminarayana’s phone from Chandrabala, a Sakshi reporter approached Nacharam inspector Srinivasa Rao and requested him to provide the call list of Chandrabala. On the same day, a highway robbery occured in Hyderabad and the Inspector asked call list details from the service provider claiming the number belonged to a bandit involved in the robbery. He even took premission from the DCP under the same pretense! A mail was subsequently forwarded from the Nacharam station to the Sakshi reporter. When YSRC and Jagan party started their vicious propaganda using these call lists, the Inspector realized the full import of his actions and confessed his actions to the authorities.

Vasireddy Chandrabala has already filed a complaint in the Cyberabad police station and a case has been registered against Sakshi reporter Yadagiri Reddy and the Nacharam inspector. JD Lakshminarayana is also set to file a complaint on the issue. The Nacharam Inspector and Station Writer’s statements have been taken by the police and the hard disk from the station seized. The Cyber Crime dept of the Hyderbad police is set to take action in this case.