Roja vs Bandla Ganesh reaches next Level

Roja-Bandla-GaneshThe recent verbal war between YSR Congress party MLA Roja and Pawan Kalyan die hard fan Bandla Ganesh reached next level.

As per latest reports, Roja posted Bandla Ganesh mobile number on Facebook to take the fight to next level. YSRCP women leaders submitted a memorandum to Vijayawada Commissioner of Police and demanded the arrest of Ganesh.

They said, Bandla belongs to Telangana and has no right to comment on Andhra politics , especially to criticise Roja , a woman MLA. They said actress Meera Chopra who called Bandla a broker. Bandla even cheated Sachin Joshi.

Interestingly YSRCP leaders avoided to speak about the Roja’s vulgar comments “Pakkalu…” on Bandla Ganesh and Pawan Kalyan. Infact Ganesh was just countering roja comments saying “Is she entered film industry without any one’s support?”.

Roja’s has become too abusive these days , Her comments in the Assembly led to her suspension , tells the fact that she has to control her big mouth.