Roja slams on Naidu and Lokesh

rojaYSR Congress Nagari MLA Roja asked TDP leader to prove themselves clean over land grabbing in Amaravati as published by Sakshi media.

She questioned as why AP CM Chandrababu Naidu has not suspended those leaders who were involved in land grabbing.

She said, All the records of stamps and registrations website were blocked by govt. She made satirical comments on TDP General Secretary Nara Lokesh to question as why CBI has not made an enquiry into Naidu’s illegal properties? and How Naidu made 2 lakh crores from just 2 acre land in Nara vare palle. She Said, How Lokesh’s grandmother gifted 5 acres land to Lokesh in serilingampally. Even Ambani’s grandmother had not gifted such huge land.

He alleged that Chandrababu and his Co have been indulged in illegal activities in the state capital region worth 1 lakh crore.