Roja makes fun of Chandrababu on Growth Rate

RKRojaYSRCP makes fun of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu’s target of achieving 15 per cent growth rate.

YSRCP spokesperson Roja said, China has the highest growth rate in the world at 7.40 % and India’s recorded 5.60 % per cent How can AP achieve the impossible 15 per cent growth rate.

She said, Growth rate is calculated based on sum of goods and services produced during the year when compared to the previous year. While there are only 50% crop cultivation in AP of which flood have damaged further. Most of the industries have left to Hyderabad. In this situation How can 15% growth rate is expected? ,she questioned.

She criticised Naidu for his knowledge on growth rate . She also demanded Naidu to tell the growth rate during his 9-year tenure as CM.