Roja dubs Nandi Awards as Nara Awards

rp_roja-300x280-1-300x280-300x280.jpgLeading actress and YSRCP MLA Roja fired at Nandi Awards announced by the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

She dubbed Nandi Awards as Nara Awards. In response to the announcement of 9 awards to the film ‘Legend’ starring Balakrishna, She said, ” Even a small child know that the awards are favorable to for the ruling party in the upcoming election”.

In particular, She faulted for announcing three years 2014, 2015, 2016, awards all at once . She says ‘These awards seems like for their own people, they will upset if I take caste & religion in between”

She adds “The value of Nandi Awards are degrading for not recognizing the real talent . There are so many good films and good actors in last three years but the awards were announced to TDP close aides. Nandi Awards used to have some reputation but have degraded the reputation”.