Rohith Vemula’s father allege conspiracy in Suicide

rohith-fatherUniversity of Hyderabad Research scholar Rohith Vemula’s father expressed doubts  over in his son’s suicide.

Speaking to media in Vijayawada He reiterated that, Both he and his wife (Rohith’s mother) are from the Vaddera caste and are not Mala of Madigas (SC or ST). He wondered why his wife is making such statements, claiming that they belong to Mala community.

He doubts some conspiracy behind such statements, He wants to know who is behind in making such statements. Or he wife expecting some benefits to their children, has made such statements.

He also expressed doubts over his son’s suicide, He said Rohith is a timid character person to suicide and also alleged that the suicide note of Rohith may not be his handwriting .

He said he was shocked to see high level political leaders, Chief minister coming to university when a normal student is dead. He demanded justice of his son’s murder.

He said, he don’t know where Rohith’s mother’s got SC certificate . He said They are not SCs. They are BCs

SC Certificate

rohith caste certificate1
















BC Vaddera Certificate 

rohith vaddera certificate