‘Rock star’ turns ‘Adult star’

Dr. Mohan Babu is called as Collection King. He respects woman and he doesn’t like showing artists in vulgar way. But his son Manchu Manoj who is called as Rocking Star is quite opposite to his dad. Whether it is his films or his affairs with his heroines, he is quite opposite to his dad. He many times shunned his affair with Taapsee. But it is not a big secret, how Taapsee surviving in the Industry with Iron Leg tag for long time.

Manoj’s socio-fantasy ‘Uu Kodathara Ulikki Padathara’ released yesterday and it received negative reports. Even Balakrishna’s presence couldn’t help the film. There are too many vulgar scenes in the film. Manoj watching Deeksha’s back in a vulgar manner and his behaviour with the actress- keeps away the family audience from the film. Some say that, how could censor give U/A even after watching these sequences. In Manoj’s earlier film ‘Mr. Nookayya’ also there are few vulgar scenes like- car driving scene, pub scene etc. Rocking Star is becoming Adult Star and degrading his dad’s name. In his entire career Manoj did’t score a big hit so far and if he doesn’t change his attitude it will be difficult for his future.