Robo 2 to be bigger than Baahubali

robo-baahubaliExpecting something bigger than Rajamouli’s magnum opus Baahubali , Here is the news from kollywood that will excite you.

South India’s creative director Shankar is planning to shape up his upcoming film Robo2 with Rajinikanth by increasing its budget to give a competition for Baahubali and break its records . Shankar seems to be overshadowed by Rajamouli in recent times with Baahubali , thus he wants to bounceback.

The director Shankar is reportedly making the movie with budget amount of Rs 300 crore in the next year.He also reportedly consulted Rajinikanth in this regard. Robo 2 will be a India made hollywood flick , which will be released in 13 languages .