Right Right Movie Review – Goes Wrong

right-rightMovie :Right Right
Cast:Sumanth Ashwin, Pooja Jhaveri,
Director: Manu
Music: JB
Cinematography: Shekar V Joseph
Producer:J Vamsi Krishna
Banner: Sri Satya Entertainments
TeluguSquare.com : 2.5/5

E.Ravi(Sumanth) aspires to become a police officer but settles as a bus conductor after his father’s death , due to financial problems. Ravi feels that one trip per day would be better for him and selects remote village, Gavati route . His bus driver is Seshu (Prabhakar Gowd).

Ravi falls in love with regular passenger Kalyani (Pooja).when we thought that everything is going smoothly, a incident occurs. one person called Deva falls under bus and survives with injures. Deva is Village head (Vishwanadh)Nassar’s son. After colliding with the bus, Deva falls into a valley and With a fear of case both the driver and conductor of bus handovers Deva to a jeep driver and tells him to admit Deva in the hospital .

However Deva is found dead in a valley and Nassar files a case against Ravi and Seshu accusing that they have killed his son. It is later revealed that it actually was not an accident, but a murder. How Deva gets killed? How Ravi gets out of the case? ..forms story.


Young actor Sumanth Ashwin was seen in jolly type roles, for the first time he has picked up a heavy role and performed well. Prabhakar was apt in driver role. Although heroine character had less importance but she impressed. Right Right is a village base plot with crime touch. The diretor tried to present the film as crime thriller but failed to elevate the thrill part, which is a big minus.

The first half runs in Love story mode and the narration is slow. Second half takes a crime thriller turn but the pace would be slow. Shekhar V Joseph’s cinematography is good. The rural atmosphere was beautifully presented on the screen. JB music was okay.  This film is a remake of Malayalam hit ‘Ordinary’, the makers failed to makes changes to suit the Telugu nativity which makes the audience to lose interest. The director failed to keep the suspense factor till climax.
Overall the movie lacks entertainment, thrill and pace.

NOt at all Right !!