Richa takes on GreatAndhra website

Richa-takes-on-GreatAndhra-websiteActress Richa takes on social media to hit at popular Telugu website GreatAndhra .

This NRI beauty answering fans questions on twitter said, She was not interested to returning to films and was not interested in entering wedlock. She said, She will always be grateful for her 5 years as an actress, but  even more grateful to what it taught her about herself and what she really want . She admits that, she was tried out in acting profession. However, the website has reportedly  posted that Richa was interested in settling in life by getting married and even congratulated her.

Richa tweeted..GreatAndhra, I’m sorry you didn’t catch my sarcasm when I responded to the marriage tweet from a fan. I have no such plans in near future. my tweet was to emphasize the old fashioned and sexist mentality ppl have(sic).