Rich Reddy Girls Looking For Better Options

 From ages, the Tollywood circuit has been run by families which are powerful in caste and the same culture got imbibed into fans. On the other hand, Top league stars(heros) are not from Reddy Community thus girls of this community had little options. But all that has begun to change, thanks to the ladies of the house. Apparently, it is the rich girls from the Reddy community who seem to be bridging the caste gaps and uniting the Tollywood families for better options. Manchu Vishnu married Viraanica Reddy, Allu Arjun married Sneha Reddy and soon, Ram Charan will tie the knot to Upasana who is almost a Reddy. That way, the young generation girls of Rich Reddy Community are getting good options to get united with Young Heroes hailing from different castes. Now Its time for Reddy boys to show up their talent on Big Screen.