RGV’s wet comments on Holi festival

RGV-Attack-to-set-new-standards-in-TFIMaverick director Ram Gopal Varma has become talking point on daily basis, with his controversial comment on just everything !. Right from Pin to Aeroplane, he gives his comments , thinking that he is a genius .

When the entire country is celebrating Holi festivals , this sup director makes some vulgar comments about girls and the tradition, dumping out the waste from his dirty brain .

He tweeted …I wish that colors of Holi will never come off people’s faces so that their true colors will be forever hidden by their false colors
Without knowing who killed who for what reason, we celebrate Holi…But I guess no reason is also a damn good reason to have Bhang…Happy Holi
The only HAPPY thing about HOLI is, it gives an elders approved excuse to ogle young girls in wet clothes n feel them without getting slapped
Maybe u all celebrate Holi bcos u are so happy Prahlad killed Hiranyakshyip but I always celebrated for bhang, Girls and skipping school
The real purpose of festivals is that even unsuccessful people, losers and good for nothing bums also can celebrate that one day
Only people who don’t enjoy their work look forward to festivals…people who love their work will always hate festivals
We don’t even know what he did but we celebrate the day Hiranyakashyip was killed and we don’t care about the day Kasab was killed…GREAT! “(sic).