RGV’s verbal fight with KRK over Sardaar

ramgopalvarma-rgv-krkTwo controversial person fight on Twitter , the conversion would be quite intertsing. One is Bollywood critic Kamaal R Khan and other guy our Ram Gopal Verma. Both had verbal fight on Twitter over Pawan Kalyan and his Sardaar Gabbar Singh

KRK tweets.
“If I get news about more than 10 people in any theatre for Pawan Kalyan film then I will run nude for 2 days n 2 nights in Andhra n Telangana”.
“forget PK fans, you ask Pawan Kalyan himself to come in Mumbai n say one word against me n then see. It’s my territory Boss.”
If Pawan Kalyan (look a like Rajpal Yadav) will give free ticket+transport+cold drink n popcorn, still we ppl will not go to watch his film.
For Hindi audience, even Katappa is much bigger star than Pawan Kalyan, forget Prabhas n genius Raj Mauli so 0 KM line.
” Me The No.1 critic has made Pawan Kalyan famous in Hindi territory otherwise our Maha flop actor Rajkumar Yadav is much bigger star than him
RGV tweets
Compared to 1.5 kilometre long line for Bahubali on 1st day outside Prasad I max..very curious how many kilometres long line SGS will have
I think PK fans from all over should come with measuring tapes,measure the q and prove to the whole world that PK is bigger than Prabhas
Mr KRK be prepared to become nude becos u don’t know PK ..I know that u were right on Bombay velvet but u will be wrong on SGS.