RGV turns financial advisor for Vijay Mallya ?

rgv-vijay-mallyaMerrick director Ram Gopal Varma , who is known for making controversial comments on any one , took social media to make some interesting comments on Liquor Baron Vijay Mallya.

This time RGV turns Vijay Mallya’s financial adviser to advise the later to give a bikini beauty to every bank he owes.

RGV tweeted “I think Vijay Mallya should dip into his personal bank and give one bikini beauty each to every bank he owes and square off all his debts

The banks might not agree to Vijay Mallya’s bikini proposal but the bankers might. If the money he borrowed is what created properties of his bikini clad girls,wouldn’t they be enough payback for the bankers? Just asking.

And am sure that the bikini beauties of Vijay Mallya were a huge part of the security for the banks and hence the bankers can’t complain.
I think Mallya’s calendar girls Deepika Padukone,Nargis Faqri,Esha Gupta,Katrina kaif etc etc contributed to the bankers being swayed.
It seems Vijay Mallya knows how to show the glitter of gold and draw diamonds from bankers ..so it’s not the banks but it’s the bankers ” (sic).