RGV targets Gabbar Singh 2

Gabbar-Singh-Movie-ReviewCrazy director Ram Gopal Varma seems to have smitten by Baahubali super success at Box Office,  The director has  keep on tweeting about Baahubali at the time after the film released.

RGV seems to be jealous with Baahubali success and the name earned by Rajamouli in Bollywood . He started exhibiting his real inner feelings by targeting other film stars.  RGV might had realised that, his filmy career had no such memorable films despite, he was considered to be greatest technician in Indian Cinema, who introduced new lighting format and stunning angles to the Industry.

To cover up his incapacities of making such films, He started targeting the mega family to make such a film which breaks the records of Baahubali.

Ram Gopal Varma now targets Pawan Kalyan’s upcoming film Gabbar singh . He tweeted.. GS is day before yesterday..BB is day after tomorrow..Hope Power star rethinks Gabbar singh 2..he shud make post BB nd not prehistoric GS 2