RGV shocked with Producer Appa Rao Sexual acts

rp_rgv-300x225-300x225-300x225-1-300x225-300x225-1-300x225-300x225-1-300x225-300x225-1-300x225-300x225-1-300x225-1-300x225-300x225-1-300x225-1-300x225.jpgTollywood producer and executive producer Vaakada Appa Rao allegedly exploited young girls over casting couch.

His victims went live on TV and exposed the filmmaker who asked for sexual favours in return to roles in the film. Victims said the 67-year old Appa Rao has a habit of doing sex with Young teen girls taking sexual performance medicians. A Victim Hema said she was exploited by this producer promising role in films.

Kathi Mahesh demanded the arrest of the producer who is close to mega family and associated with films like Khaidi No 150 and Sye Raa.

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Verma tweeted, I am deeply shocked with the horrific reality of Vaakada appa rao and every civilised person’s hearts should go to his sexual victims and I implore upon the authorities to take immediate notice of his terrible atrocities