RGV shameless rogue : Allu Arvind

alluProducer Allu Arvind held a press meet to blast at Ram Gopal Varma for dragging Pawan Kalyan into the controversy and defame the Tollywood.

Allu Arvind dubbed RGV as a shameless rogue with cheap mentality for his act of defaming the industry which gave him fame and popularity. RGV is using his crooked thoughts to defame the industry.

He said RGV targeting Mega family with influence of a political party just to damage Pawan kalyan’s image. RGV expressed his outburst on Pawan Kalyan through Sri Reddy. RGV is a person with crooked mentality and has a criminal conspiracy against film industry heads. RGV claimed that he was concerned about Suresh family who is part of industry, then why he is against mega family who are also part of industry, this tells his double standards, says Allu Arvind. He demanded those who are behind RGV to come out.

The recent situations in industry is really bad, there are two types of solutions, one is to set up committees over sexual assaults which will have 50% NGO representatives and 50% from cinema industry.