RGV satires on superstars for tiny donations to Chennai Floods

RGV-Attack-to-set-new-standards-in-TFIFilmmaker Ram Gopal Varma made some realistic comment on Chennai floods taking on the super stars for their penny donations.

He tweeted ,” Since rain is act of God instead of praying shouldn’t every1 b condemning God,unless they blve all Chennaities r sinners n God is punishing. I feel so sad for the Chennaities and I feel so fucking angry about the so called God and his this dastardly terrorist act. All the celebs instead of praying should condemn God unless they believe that Chennaities are sinners.

Chennai situation is proof enough that people should start believing in themselves instead of wasting their time on the betrayer God.No act of any Terrorist in the world can create more tragedy than what the Act of God created in Chennai.My heart goes out to the sufferings of Chennaities and I condemn God in the most harshest unprintable language for this dastardly act.

I condemn all celebs who pray to God in context of Chennai sufferings because it amounts to praying to a Terrorist for his dastardly act.Like one votes out a government for a dastardly act Chennaites should change their God hereafter.
Vandala vandala Kotlunna super starlu vela vela kotlu nashtapoyina chennailaki aidhu Padhi lakshalu bichchameyyadam?

Ayyababooi super starlu 10 lakshalu 5 lakshslu isthe antha dabbu yem chesukovalo theliyaka chennaiprajalu moorchapotharu. ivvakapovadam btr

As per me I never donated one rupee and am supremely selfish unlike celebs who give quintals of prayers and tonnes of love

Celebs give quintals of prayers and tonnes of love,but very very few rupees because prayers and love are cheap an money costs money

I wonder why Rajnikant dint do anything to stop the rain? “(sic)