RGV RIP frustrates RGV to attack on Pawan Fans

Ram Gopal Varma was his sarcastic best when he got news of a Pawan Kalyan fan RIP ing him with a poster stating that ” RGV RIP” and also stated that the biggest hassle of the cinema industry has eliminated

He tweeted …Like I said this is reality of PK fans..hope they will get less uncivilised and his Twitter following will increase .

English in this is proof of PK fans illiteracy ..More than help for farmers PK shud start schools for his fans

As a mega fan of PK my request to PK fans is to become literate nd not make him feel embarrassed about his own fans

U can kill me in thoughts but can’t kill my thoughts…illiterates nd technically handicapped ppl can’t understand

As a Mega Power fan of PK fan,my request to all illiterate PK fans is to atleast learn from Mahesh fans
I request Mahesh fans to translate my English tweets as a social service to illiterates and technically handicapped

I think more than for farmers PK shud work for the development of his fans..because farmers never bought his tickets (sic).