RGV plans to join Kapu political party

rgvDirector Ram Gopal Varma who is in Vijayawada for gathering information for his upcoming project “Vangaveeti” ,hailed Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham as a Real Mega Power star as Vangaveeti Ratnakumari refused to give him an appointment. RGV met Lagadapati Rajgopal, Devineni family and Vangaveti followers.

He Tweeted, Mudragadda Padmanabham is the real genuine mega power star compared to just ordinary screen stars who have kaapu skins and Kamma’s minds.

I never believed in politics nd public welfare but if Mudragadda starts Party I will join and I am not kaapu and my most friends are Kammas.

Mudragadda roared in real which Mega power failed to do in Dolby cinematic sound

Mudragadda Padmanabham is the real mega power star and the so called screen mega power stars are just ordinary fake actors” (sic).