RGV plans Controversial film on gangster Nayeemuddin

RGV-Nayeem-7447Controversial director Ram Gopal Varma picks up another controversial subject after directing films like Rakta Charitra and Vangaveeti films.

RGV has decided to direct a film based on notorious gangster Nayeem , who was shot dead by telangana police recently. The film will be made in three parts , confirmed the director.

RGV tweeted..Just gathered entire information on Nayeemuddin from multiple sources..His crimes over the years are full of truly hair rising details. Nayeemuddin’s transformation from a naxalite to a police informant to a underworld gangster to become an all time Criminal no.1 is scary.

Nayeemuddin’s story is so complex and with so much of content that it’s impossible to justify it by telling it in only one feature film. Am going to make a 3 part film on the Nayeem story ..Rakta Charitra had only two parts..Nayeem will have 3 parts (sic)