RGV not to star in his movie

“That’s the dummest thing I have ever heard,” says film-maker RGV who rubbishes the rumours about him making his acting debut in his controversial Hindi film Mumbai Attacks 26/11. The producer-director plans to make this gripping film with newcomers instead of big stars, so as to stay close to the serious topic. After looking around, he discovered stage actor Sanjeev Jaiswal for the pivotal role of Ajmal Kasab — who is cooling his heels in jail for his alleged involvement in the 26/11 terrorist attacks in Mumbai.

“I never wanted to be an actor so I am surprised how these rumours cropped up. It is true that I want to make this film with new faces, to give it a realistic look but I am happy with my present job of giving directions from behind the camera,” smiles RGV. Since his films such as MSD Appalraju, Dongala Mutta and Department tanked at the box office, we thought he had plans of switching to a new career as an actor. But it doesn’t seem likely.