RGV likes Pornstars and Pawan Kalyan the most

rp_rgv-pawan-78784-300x200-300x200-1-300x200.jpgDirector Ram Gopal Varma who was out of controversy after closing his Twitter account has made some interesting comments on Pawan Kalyan.

He said, Pawan Kalyan tweets are like water down – cut copy & paste without reflecting PK’s personality. Pawan Kalyan speeches extraordinary, however, the way he focuses on a particular issue doesn’t last until the end.

He shows commitment when he talks But His sophisticated English tweets water downs his sincerity and intensity on Twitter. When maximum reaction expected from PK on an issue, his tweets misses the natural force. PK is not putting natural intensity on a tweet, he should try to put the tweet in Telugu to exhibit his inner feelings.He further said PK is the biggest star he doesn’t need support from stars who all are inferior to him.

Comparing Pawan Kalyan and Pornstars, RGV said, He likes Pornstars and Pawan Kalyan the most and likes to enjoy them from a distance. As a person PK is too strong, He is like a lion, One expects a Roar from him, not like smooth teachings.