RGV hurts Pawan, Mahesh and Tarak fans

fangiriThe evergreen controversial director Ramgopal varma is back with his controversial tweets hurting fans of Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh and Tarak .

He tweeted..Neither Mahesh,Kalyan Tarak etc n nor any top directo not acknowledging the internationally acclaimed Bahubali just proves their jealousy.

Point of point is there’s no point after Bahubali and if Mahesh,Tarak, kalyan etc don’t realise this point there won’t be any more point.

Bahubali shud make all dumb fans of top stars realise that a film is bigger than power star, rebel star, super star etc star and etc etc.

Good thing about max bad talk coming from Bhimavaram proves there’s no caste feeling in whatever prabhas’s caste is and they are just plain &@@&.

All fans of Pawan,Mahesh,Tarak etc shud realise realities from Bahubali and leave stupid fangiri n do productive work like farming cooking etc (sic) ..tweeted RGV.