RGV focus on Bangalore Underworld

rgvRam Gopal Varma is getting ready to focus on Bangalore Underworld as he is shooting at Bangalore for Veerappan’s encounter film Killing Veerappan.

He tweeted… Had a most amazing meeting and a most fascinating understanding of the Bangalore underworld Bangalore underworld has a far more vicious quality which explains its pan India effect and its links to Mumbai and Dubai based Underworld
After all my understanding what I had of the underworld I realized today that the D Company is much less in comparison to B Company
To just call it Bangalore Underworld is not justified because today I realized that Bangalore underworld is actually the Indian underworld.
The name of my film on the Bangalore Underworld is going to be “Appa” and the tagline of “Appa” is going to be -The Father of all Godfathers
I always thought Godfather was a fictional character but after Meeting Mutthappa Rai realized he is real and he is father of all Godfathers Mutthappa Rai I think is the Bahubali of the Underworld. (sic)