RGV exposed by PWO Sandhya

rgvControversial director Ram Gopal Varma posted a video prior to the latest video in which he unconditionally apologized Pawan Kalyan over M**** C*** word.

Before being exposed by PWO Sandhya, RGV posted a video where he defended Sri Reddy for using that word.

In that video RGV said ” M**** C*** “is not abuse against mother, he said it came from english word “Mother F*****” which is abuse to a man and not his mother. He still confused whether using the word is wrong or using it for Pawan Kalyan is wrong ?. The word got a “Catch word” status when Vijay Devarakonda used in Arjun Reddy. Abuse is expression of anger and everyone use it , even PK fans use it regularly.

Sandhya revealed to Tv9 channel that RGV was behind the issue and he was the one who provoked Sri Reddy to Use “That word” on Pawan Kalyan So that, she will get more popularity,