RGV daughter engaged !

Director Ram Gopal Varma never discloses his family. Though sources informed that he was married and possesses a family, Ramu never ever revealed that he was married and having a family in Hyderabad.

Ram Gopal Varma’s daughter Revathy is 23yrs old and completed her medicine was engaged to Pranav a doctor. The engagement ceremony took place at Radisson hotel in Hyderabad yesterday.

The ceremony was also attended by his ex-wife Ratnashree and mother Suryavati. Ramu always maintained that he does not believe in the institution of marriage and it is only films that keep him going.

Thats the reason he is showing concern for woman these days by tweeting , …. Saying that a woman displaying her beauty is inviting rape is like saying a person displaying his wealth is inviting robbery.A woman wearing what she wants to wear is her freedom of expression whereas rape is a brutal invasion of her freedom