RGV dares to target KCR govt on Drugs case

rp_rgv-300x225-300x225.jpgFilmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has come out once again in support of Tollywood celebrities in the drug scandal that has hit the Telugu film industry.

This time he dares to target K. Chandrashekar Rao’s government directly after attacking the Special Investigation Team set up to probe the Drugs case.

He alleged that these drugs issue targeting Tollywood celebrities is to divert larger scams, pointing the recent Miyapur land scam.

He posted, ‘Is it not true that there is a larger scam from which they are trying to divert media attention towards film people ?. Are there no much bigger people being shielded like many are saying now?. After the case is over should they not release the videos of the interviews to the media so that public will not see what they are not supposed to see?

More than anything else drug case is damaging Hyderabad reputation. Mumbai ppl are asking me they never knew Hyderabad is so bad. I hope making a national drama of targeting a few individuals is really worth spoiling the reputation of entire Telangana state. Many saying nothing will come out of this enquiry of film people by Akun Sabarwal’s SIT but whatever might come out as the end result, I hope it’s worth giving so much bad name to Telangana state.People in Mumbai are thinking Telangana is worse than Punjab ..Sad.

Mumbai people admired KCR like anything and now they are shocked that what doesn’t happen even in Bollywood and also Mumbai and Punjab schools is happening in TRS government in Hyderabad schools ..I wish as a proud citizen of Hyderabad that responsible people like Akun Sabarwal and Chandravadan will save reputation of KCR and Telangana state in the eyes of rest of India.. I am sincerely hoping their SIT will set the wrong things in the right way. Sum total feeling I got from Mumbai people is how very much high Rajamouli elevated the telugu states prestige in entire India with Baahubali Akun Sabarwal and team brought it that much down in the eyes of entire India.

Mumbai people thought the TRS government is most capable and now they are shocked that unlike in any schools in any part of entire India even schools in Hyderabad have drugs ..I wish SIT will SET It RIGHT. Mumba people so far only heard good and great things about Telangana state and TRS and KCR and now thanks to SIT they are hearing only @?#%$€£*..I request SIT to SET RIGHT the reputation of Hyderabad and TRS and above all KCR.” (sic)