RGV curse God over Sridevi’s death

rgvSridevi’s death has shocked the entire country especially director Ram Gopal Varma who is a die-hard fan of the actress and who came into the industry, just to have a close look at her.

RGV cursed the God over the sudden death of Sridevi, he earlier directed her in Govinda Govinda and Kshanam Kshanam films in Telugu.

Responding to her death RGV tweeted,

Never hated God more than today ..The bastard just extinguished the brightest of lights ..my heart goes out to Boney Kapoor. Is Sridevi really dead? Can somebody wake me up and tell me that it’s just a bad dream?🙏🙏🙏. I HATE GOD FOR KILLING SRIDEVI and I HATE SRIDEVI FOR DYING and here is the reason.One of the main reasons for me coming into films was my desire to see her up close in real ..Kshanakshanam film was my love letter to Sridevi. Aey Balaji why did u take only her away and left me here?. (sic)

He also shared some old photos on the sets of the film which he directed.