RGV criticises Naidu, praises KCR

rgvDirector Ramgopal Varma, who always tries to land in controversies making himself busy on social networking sites and tweeting to stay in limelight., has now made some derogatory remarks on Andhra Pradesh Chief minister Chandrababu Naidu at the same time praising Telangana Chief minister K.chandrashekar Rao.

RGV tweeted …Am embarrassed as Andhra citizen with CB Naidu for making national embarrassment of Andhra people nd I bow down to Kcr’s straightforwardness. I love Revanth reddy’s aggression nd forthrightness on the cash for vote scam and I wish that CB is not so embarrassingly evasive on same. I am not particularly into regional regionalising but from my regional region Kcr region seems far more regionous than CB’s regionalising (sic).