RGV comments on Pawan’s Right Hand and Ravi Teja’s Left Thigh

pawan-rgvThe best example of madness going out of control is the controversial director Ram Gopal Varma ‘s tweets.

Being a celebrity and an intellect, RGV makes such disgraceful comments on Pawan Kalyan who recently attended Raviteja’s Nela ticket audio launch.

Pawan Kalyan was enjoying poking the Ravi Teja’s torn jeans at the audio launch in a friendly manner. Seems like the torn jeans might have exited the power star. Ram Gopal Varma made a series of tweets saying ‘PK Gillullallo Nela Tickettla Connectionlu Kanipisthunnayi,’ Only God knows the connection between Pawan’s Right Hand and Raviteja’s Left Thigh. The happiness on Pawan Kalyan’s face is an indication of his happiness towards Raviteja’s thigh.

RGV Tweeted Agnyaathavasi @PawanKalyan lo ee angle kooda vundhani expression batti @RaviTeja_offl mohamlo cleargaa touch chesi choodu type lo thelusthondi kaani ee secret Mega family ki @JanaSenaParty ki kooda thelisundadhu ..BUT pk gillullallo Nela tickettla connectionlu kanipisthunnayi

@Pawankalyan kaani @RaviTeja_offl thoda meedha vunna thana athyantha shraddhaloni just sagam rendu raashtraala meedha pedithe “Abbo athyantha Sashya Shyaamalame”

@raviteja_offl yedama thodaki, @pawankalyan kudi chethiki vunna avinaabhava sambhandham aa devudike theliyaali

@RaviTeja_offl ki, @PawanKalyan ki madhyalo vunna ee thoda sambhandham gurinchina loguttu @JanaSenaParty oerumaallake theliyali ..Kaani pk ki,Ravi yedama thoda meedha chaala makkuva vundhanna vishayam pk moham lo vunna aanandham lo kanabaduthondhi