RGV announces massive meeting on Woman Power

rp_rgv-300x225-300x225-300x225-1-300x225-300x225-1-300x225-300x225-1-300x225-300x225-1-300x225-300x225-1-300x225-1-300x225.jpgDirector Ram Gopal Varma announced a massive meeting on March 8th, Women’s day for the on Freedom of Women in Vishakapatnam, he urged girls, boys, men, women and housewives to attend the meeting. It is interesting to see RGV calling for such meeting when he is facing controversy for his derogatory comments on women over God Sex Truth.

He tweeted, Hey people of Vizag ,my request to you is to attend my meeting on Freedom of Women on March 8th the Women’s Day ..Time and Venue will be told soon . Whatever it may be called at its heart #GodSexTruth is a honest portrayal about the freedom of women ..That’s the reason to openly speak about it on Women’s Day March 8th #WomanPower .

For the #WomanPower meeting in vizag on March 8 th Women’s Day,I invite all who have same thoughts as me..I especially invite college girls and boys and also House wives and working men and women including of Media houses.Silent majority suffers while the active minority keeps shouting ..the time has come to outshout them so loud that their ear drums will break ..Let’s do that in Vizag on March 8th Women’s Day and show them #WomanPower.