RGV Anna Gang Vs Srihari D Gang

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma few days ago announced to make a film on Jana Lokpal Fighter Anna Hazare. Titled ‘Anna Gang’, RGV also revealed the story. RGV Tweeted saying: “Since the Gandhi bhai way dint work for Anna bhai the Dawood bhai way might give better shots. Anna gang is the best brand I heard since Dawood gang. I want to make a film called Anna gang..its about a gandhian politician who gets vexed with his team nd forms an underworld gang.”

Now, yet another film is going to be made on Dawood Gang. Today versatile actor Srihari is celebrating his birthday and on the occasion, he said to wield the Megaphone soon. Apart from directing the film, Srihari will also play the lead role. Titled, ‘D Gang’ the film story is about a person named Dawood. Including Srihari, D Gang will have 10 lead characters. On Srihari’s Birthday occasion, we wish him a very Happy Birthday. We need to wait to see which gang will entertain the people, RGV Anna Gang (Or) Srihari D Gang.