Revanth roars like a Tiger on KCR

revanth-112After stay of 30 days in Cherlapally Central prison in the cash-for-vote scandal case, TDP MLA A Revanth Reddy has been released today.

High Court yesterday granted conditional bail to Revanth Reddy due to technicalities Revanth was released today. Revanth’s followers and TDP activists conducted huge rally and celebrations from Jail to NTR trust bhavan.

Addressing the gathering, He made an emotional speech, He thanked the TDP and the activists for supporting him , he also thanked PRJ’s son on this occasion.

He slammed at Telangana Chief minister KCR and his party, He alleged that , KCR first signature after becoming CM is on a file which facilitates 3000 crore worth land to KCR’s friend Rameshwara Rao illegally.

He alleged that KCR has used all his government Machinery to push him into the cash for vote case. He said, KCR has not even spared media, Andhrajyothy paper was banned for exposing KCR. He demanded KCR to order those MLAs who joined f4om other parties and go for re-election.

Calling KCR as “Bidda KCR” He said, He will take revenge for lodging me for 30 days in jail and he is ready to fight against him for next 30 years , said Revanth . He said, He got bail and KCr got fever.

He sarcastically stated that, The man (read as late CM) who told that TDP would go addressless has become a pigeon in Pavurala gutta . Even KCR’s family will be buried very soon, predicted Revanth.

He said, His main aim is to bring down KCR from CM seat. He also satire calling Telangana ministers as Soda mixing gang and said all useless fellows have joined a Drunked .