Revanth Reddy is a Blackmailer : Motkupalli

tdpTelangana Telugu Desam Party (TTDP) politburo member, motkupalli Narsimhulu termed the working committee president, Revanth Reddy, a blackmailer.

TTDP leaders question Revanth Reddy over reports of the latter’s meeting with Rahul Gandhi in the party’s politburo. Revanth Reddy reportedly evaded direct reply , TDP leaders M Narsimhulu and Aravind Kumar Goud walks out of politburo meet over Revanth Reddy’s reply.

Speaking to media Motkupalli said, Because of Revanth Reddy , TDP vote share which was 22% in Telangana has now come down to 7% after he was caught in note-for-vote case.

He also said that Revanth is a blackmailer by acting as good person in the TDP for last few years . Revanth bagged the party top post, but only worked for its downfall, he said.

Who gave Revanth to talks about alliance with Rahul Gandhi? , In cooperation elections Revanth was a star campaigner but failed in elections. Because of Revanth Reddy party credibility has gone.