Revanth Reddy evades direct reply in politburo meeting

tdpleadersTelangana TDP Polit Bureau and the Central Committee members meeting were held in NTR Trust Bhavan.Revanth Reddy evades direct reply in politburo meeting

There was a debate between party leaders on the issue of the Revanth Reddy. Senior leader Motkupalli Narsimhulu and national spokesman Arvind Kumar Goud have questioned Revanth Reddy questioned over the media’s campaign of meeting Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi.

They also questioned How can he meet Rahul Gandhi without informing the party chief? Why did he criticize Yanamala Ramakrishna and Paritala Sunitha ?

Revanth Reddy replied that he would respond to the campaign of the media and not ready to answer them . He said he would explain the current developments to party chief Chandrababu Naidu.

This led serious debate and Motkupalli and Aravind Kumar goud came out of the meeting. The other party leaders also ended the meeting .

Revanth Reddy came out of the meeting and left without speaking to the media.