Reporter jumps into bathtub to enact Sridevi death

bathtube_reporter_27_8Indian media has been competing with each other on how to grab maximum eyeballs with the death of the actor Sridevi. she may or may not have died due to Accidental Drowning but media should drown voluntarily.

Its So disappointing to see the media sensationalise the demise of Sridevi, Minute by minute updates with same content again and again by news channels for TRPs is pathetic. Reporting is ok, but sensationalism for the sake of TRPs is just sad.

See How media publications hastily fill the gaps between Botox and the bathtub. It is unfortunate that so-called mainstream media, which runs over 36 hours of the death of Sridevi and speculates in so many angles of her death.

Sridevi sudden death followed by ghoulish media coverage, one reporter even gets into a bathtub to enact possible death scene. He says Sridevi’s head could have been pushed underwater to render her breathless and kill her. What’s wrong with the Indian media, why they are making such ruthless & ridiculous assumptions on Sridevi death.