Renu Desai reveals everything about Pawan Kalyan

renuActress turned director Renu Desai revealed about her personal life , her divorce with Pawan Kalyan in an “Chit Chat With Swapna”.

Renu Desai, who is going to marry again, has revealed the feelings of her mind. She responded about her future husband and the separation from Pawan. She has expressed a slight embarrassment towards Pawan Lady Fans. Renu said that her future husband is not related to the film industry.

She said, “Pawan Kalyan is a great actor and is now in politics. Talking about our divorce will be politicized. That’s why I was silent. But for me, telling the truth is good for my future. I did not ask Pawan Kalyan to give divorce. I did not ask him under any circumstances he gave me divorce. After a break with him, I was mentally distressed for over a year.

There is nothing wrong in Pawan Fans calling me Vadina but calling vadina in connection with Pawan Kalyan is wrong. He got married and has two children. As for my second marriage, Adiya & Akira are happy. Pawan meets children twice in a year. He will take care of the children. But he does not have time for them.

Pawan Kalyan is a good person in society. I will support him in this regard. In his personal life, he went to the wrong path. He does not like money. He really want to serve people.

Many women have questioned me in social media on second marriage. I want them to change their thinking. It should be noted that the Marriage is not for the children, but for a good companion. If you are the wife of Pawan for 11 years and come to know that he has a baby with another woman,how would you behave? “Renu questioned Pawan’s Lady Fans. It would have been nice if Pawan had made a tweet last year. Renu opined

Pawan does not like calling Akira as a junior power star. He scolded me when I put a photo of Akira. Ask Pawan about Akira, do not ask me. Akira also does not like to be called as the junior power star.” Renu said.

Renu urged politicians not to comment with their fake profiles and asked them to stop doing it.