Renu Desai lies on Pawan Kalyan Exposed

renuNeed clarification about Actress turned director Renu Desai who accused that Pawan Kalyan of fathering another child while being in relationship with her for 11 years.

Citing the reasons for her second marriage in a recent interview “Chit Chat With Swapna”, Renu made such a satemnst.

Let’s go back to past series of events.

Renu – Pawan marriage date 28 January 2009

Renu Desai has maintained a very good relationship with power star Pawan Kalyan before marriage and after their divorce.

Divorced filed in 2011.

According to media buzz Renu reportedly demanded a whopping Rs 40 crores as alimony from Pawan who agreed to pay. Renu desai was living separately in pune at that time from 2011.

Anna Lezhneva is a Russian girl and she is Pawan Kalyan’s 3rd wife. Pawan met her in 2011 while shooting for ‘Teen Maar’ movie.

The third child of the actor Polena was born in March 2012 to his third wife Anna Lezhneva. She is just 6 years old. While Pawan and Renu were divorced 6 years ago. It means simple that Renu’s previous statements is utterly false. There is no truth in saying

Not just that Renu Desai two contradictory statements.
1. Pawan Kalyan asked divorce .
2. She didn’t like Pawan having relationship with other girl.