Renu Desai Finally gets Engaged

renuLooks like Actress, director and Pawan Kalyan’s ex-wife Renu Desai has been engaged to Sunday.

The actress shared pictures on her Instagram where she was seen wearing an engagement ring. Renu recently hinted that she found love again and wrote a poem.

Pawan Kalyan had been associated with Renu a few years and both married in 2009. After that, she was divorced in 2012 after almost three years. The pair has two children Akira Nandan and Adaya.

Renu recently made an announcement of her marriage did not reveal the name to anybody, not even through engagement photo. The two photos of the engagement ceremony were shared saying “My happiness is not complete without my children.”

The former actress has also been subject to trolling from Pawan Kalyan’s fans, who begged her not to marry again