Rendu Rellu Aaru Movie Review – Correct Calculation

rraMovie : Rendu Rellu Aaru
Actors: Anil Mallela, Mahima, Naresh, Ravi Kale, Thagubothu Ramesh, Ramesh, Raghava, Aishwarya, Manohar, and others.
Music: Vijay Bulganin
Photography: Venkata Amaranth Reddy
Producers: Pradeep Chandra, Mohan
Writing – Direction: nandu Mallella
Banner: Varahi Movie Rating 3/5

Raju (Naresh), Rao (Ravi Kale) are middle fathers. Both of their wives come for delivery in the same hospital and deliver a boy(Madhav) and a girl (Meghna) for Raju and Rao respectively at the same time. But the doctors say that these babies would survive till 22 years of age. Raju and Rao hide about this illness with each other and mutually exchange their babies.

Both of them become neighbors to see their baby growing in front of their eyes. Madhav and Meghna fall in love with each other when they grew up. Raju and Rao try to split them. Do they succeed? or Will the love win? forms the story of Rendu Rella Aru.


Glad to see, both debutant lead actors looked natural. Anil fumbled a little while Mahima was okay. May director and producers felt that this story should be told with new people. Both Naresh and Ravi Kale got good roles and they have impressed.For the first time that Thagubothu Ramesh played a non- alcoholic role.
Technically, this is the first film for the director. It is difficult to tell this point as the story. But the director effortlessly passed away the difficult without sidelining the entertainment. In the end, he told the point he wanted to tell. There are good dialogues in the film. Songs are situational. The rural backdrop of the film is lovely to watch.


Rendu Rella Aaru is is a very complicated story, where the two dads mutually exchange their children. Although their see their children but cannot shower the dad’s love on them. Son coming to their house as Son -in- law and Daughter as Daughter-in-law, looks refreshing. The film turns dramatic as the director has told that the lead character will survive till 22 years. However, he did not give the feeling to the audience with fun scenes. While showing their emotions of fathers, the pranks and romances between the lead pair were shown effectively. the comedy track on the serial hero is good. Scenes of Thagubothu Ramesh were executed properly.

In the second half, the story had some breaks but turned emotional during the climax. the story could have ended with a tragedy but the director had felt that it might not work for Telugu audience.

+ Story, screenplay
+ Entertainment
+ Emotions
+ Music
– Slow Nation
– Long stretching climax scenes

Rendu Rella Aaru – Calculation did not go wrong