Remand Report : Sarika committed suicide

sarika-888-300x161Speculation of Warangal Ex-MPs Siricilla Rajaiah’s daughter-in-law Sarika death ends as the police have stated that Sarika has committed suicide along with her three children  in Remand Dairy Report.

They stated that Rajaiah’s son Anil married Sarika at Arya Samaj in Hyderabad. Sarika has been harassed by Rajaiah and his family members and they have instigated her to commit suicide. Sarika with a fear that Rajaiah would further harass her if he gets elected in warangal by-polls and committed suicide .

Police also came to conclusion that , the disturbances in family popped up with Anil’s legal affair with Sana . All the family members have harassed her physically and mentally . Fed up by harassment Sarika filed cases against Rajaiah family members.