Record Liquor sales in Telangana during Dasara

liquorThe Liquor sales shoot up in Telangana during the Dasara festival season.

The sales of liquor and beer fetched Rs 585 crore to the state government in just 12 days starting from Oct 1st to Oct 12.

People of Telangana consumed liquor in a big way in Dasara but this was not so in Andhra Pradesh. The heavy consumption of liquor in Telangana resulted in  huge growth in sales.

Nalgonda district sales stood at the top with sales 53 crores sales volume, Followed by Mahbub Nagar district . Hyderabad stood in 3rd place with sales of over 40 cores. While Medak district ranked last in liquor sales. Over 15 lakhs Beer bottles sold only in Hyderabad.