Recalibration of ATMs will take 2 weeks : FM

rp_arun-jaitely-1-300x237-1-300x237-300x237-1-300x237.jpgUnion Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has appealed to the people to be patient as nothing can be done in overnight.

Speaking to media He said, Recalibration of ATMs will be completed within 2 weeks as there are 2 Lakh ATMs in the country and the banking staff has to reach each and every ATM to recalibrate.

FM said,Different political reactions are coming, some of which are really irresponsible. It was not possible to inform about this decision in advance to maintain its secrecy .

He said, Bank officials working from morning to late night, people are also cooperating well despite all difficulties.Notes exchanged by SBI of 58 lakh people till 12:15 today. SBI completed 2 crore 28 lakh transactions in last two days, be it for deposit, exchange or any other form.