Rebel inside talk

Young Rebel Star Prabhas’s highly anticipated film ‘Rebel’ is going to hit the screens worldwide on September 14th. As per the inner sources, the film has lot of action sequences, which keeps the family audiences away. The film doesn’t have great concept with cheap comedy sequences. It is heard that, Lawrence is showing Prabhas in a very stylish role and his performance is said to be one of the major highlight.

Sources also informed that, heroines are limited only for skin show. Lawrence concentrated more on showing the film and Prabhas in a stylish way and in the process actual story goes side track. It is learnt that, the basic concept was okay, but Lawrence made many changes which irked Prabhas. Tamanna and Deeksha Seth played lead heroines in the film. Lawrence himself is composing music for the film. This is the highest budget so far for Prabhas, which is made of Rs. 40 crores. Final result according to the sources would be just an average.